Testimonials for Dr. French

Dr. French was instrumental in helping me with IBS. I had been to medical doctors in the past and had been diagnosed with IBS but was not able to find relief with any of the treatments they offered. I finally decided to try a holistic approach and made an appointment with Dr. French. I am so thankful that I did! After taking note of my overall health, she suggested dietary changes and prescribed a homeopathic remedy. The effects were dramatic. I have experienced tremendous improvements with my bloating, energy level, and anxiety. Even my life-long trouble with dry skin has resolved!

I love the holistic approach offered at Giving Tree Natural Health and value Dr. French’s knowledge and easily approachable manner. Hopefully one day she will write a book! V.W.

Thank you for taking such great care of me.  I look back at how I used to feel a couple of years ago before I started seeing you and I simply can’t believe what a difference there is for me.

I don’t have headaches every day. I have so much more energy.  I’m not dizzy or lightheaded on a regular basis.  I’m not having heart trouble.  I simply feel good and this feels great!

You have the ability to look at the whole big picture of someone’s health and then all the fragmented details that seem to be clues to you.  You rebuild and restore health to a higher energy; to a better frequency; to a more balanced, more centered happiness and being.  I truly cannot thank you enough for all your mind-full effort.  D.C.

Three years ago, I put my trust in Dr. Margaux French, in an attempt to salvage what was left of my dwindling existence. I was losing a 21 year battle with chronic Lyme disease and needed someone knowledgeable and willing to help me address the many symptoms and oddities I was faced with. At the onset of my first appointment with her, I felt at ease in the warm and relaxing atmosphere she provided and I knew that she was truly listening to what I had to say. I appreciated her focus and her sincere interest in what I had to say, as she prepared my plan of recovery. Part of my plan, along with building up my immune system, was homeopathy treatment, which worked very well for me and continues to work successfully for me today. My level of health and my quality of life has progressed enormously, to the point that I am as physically active as I want to be, especially riding our horses again. I live on a farm with my family and I am excited and happy to be physically able to help out again. I am so grateful to Dr. French, for her patience with me, her determination and her encouragement when I needed it. Through her expertise in homeopathy and natural healthcare, I truly have my life back and I’m enjoying it thoroughly! – J.B.
I had been to a lot of Western Medicine doctors, who had prescribed a lot of different medications for my panic attacks. When I went to Dr. French she treated my whole person, not just a possible chemical imbalance. With diet changes, supplements, and a homeopathic remedy my panic attacks have been significantly reduced from 1 or 2 a day to once a month. I let all of my friends know how thorough and knowledgeable Dr. French is. She’s been a life changer! L.G.
Since taking the homeopathic remedy that your prescribed for me I feel a million times more like myself. I feel more at ease and content…more levelheaded and lighthearted. I am able to take things in stride much better and am having less anxiety. Thank you! S.K.
After a particularly stressful few years my hormones were severely out of whack at the age of 32.  I was suffering incredible fatigue, irregular periods, and insomnia that left me feeling completely exhausted and unable to be productive in my work. I went to the best doctors in Boston at Lahey Clinic and Brigham and Women’s hospital, and the doctors recommended a heavy handed hormone replacement therapy regimen that scared me due to the potential side effects. I investigated more natural options and I am so thankful I found Giving Tree Health and Dr. French. Dr. French looked at the whole picture- my career and life goals, my nutrition, and my fitness regimen and devised a “less is more approach,” designed around a holistic picture of total well being and healing.  She made personalized suggestions including nutritional adjustments, natural supplements, and cranial sacral work. The results so far have been amazing. I am back to sleeping through the night. My thyroid levels have improved. I have started a regular cycle again and for the first time since I was thirteen my period has been relatively free from the debilitating effects of PMS.  Thanks to Dr. French, I now have hope that I can take a natural approach to starting a family in the near future, without fertility drugs. And I cannot say enough about the cranial sacral work.  When I leave the office afterwards, I feel completely relaxed yet at the same time, more energized to take on my day. Dr. French has been an incredible doctor but also a terrific wellbeing “coach” reminding me that a natural approach to health can take time. The results feel so much better than quick fixes with the typical pharmaceutical route. I am finally starting to feel “like me” again.  K.R.
When my husband and I decided we were ready to start a family we thought it would be easy to get pregnant. Unfortunately this did not turn out to be the case.

For months after going off birth control, my body still wasn’t cycling normally. I tried several prescriptions which were not effective and eventually was referred to a fertility specialist who recommended injections to stimulate my menstrual cycle.

I didn’t feel comfortable with this and felt like there must be another answer. I didn’t know much about Homeopathic Medicine and after doing some online research I contacted Giving Tree Natural Health.

Dr. Margaux immediately made me feel at ease. She sat down for a two hour session with me and treated me as a whole person…not just a baby making machine. She understood that I felt broken and didn’t want to jump to the injection route without exploring other options. She took the time to learn about me. She asked me about work, family, my diet, growing up, and so much more. She really got a clear picture of who I was before starting any recommended treatments. She gave me a homeopathic remedy and then recommended some supplements and diet changes. One week after taking my homeopathic remedy, I menstruated for the first time in nine months!

One month later my husband and I conceived. After all the traditional medical treatments that didn’t work and that had potentially uncomfortable and even dangerous side effects, some simple life style changes and a natural remedy kick started my system in no time at all. The whole time Dr. Margaux was so encouraging and made me feel hopeful.

This week our son turns two months old. He is such a gift and we have so much to thank Dr. Margaux for. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Whether you have specific issue or just want to feel better, healthier, and stronger. The wonderful side effects I felt from seeing her were less frequent migraines, clearer skin, and more energy because she treated me as a whole and didn’t just try to cover up issues- instead she solved them. Thank you Dr. Margaux! S.R.

Dr. French has treated my whole family since my children were small. To me, the best part of working with Margaux is that I feel completely taken care of in every aspect of my life. She looks at every contributing factor to my family’s health, not just the issue that brought us to the office. She has given me the tools to promote my family’s health between visits and taught me skills to prevent illness in the future. S.C.
I was fortunate to work with Dr. Margaux French to do a cleanse. A few of my friends had raved about it but I had never done a cleanse before and wasn’t sure I could do it. With Margaux’s coaching and guidance she gave me the confidence to get started and worked with me throughout as checkpoints. She was a consummate cheerleader when I struggled; she provided me recipes and taught me creative ways to prepare foods that I would not have otherwise cooked. When I was thinking about doing the cleanse it was for both health reasons as well as weight loss. Margaux really looks at this process from a spiritual and mental health perspective. She encouraged me to take time to do some things for myself and ensure I was taking care of both my mind and body. In terms of the cleanse, the first few days of the cleanse were really tough, I craved coffee and was hungry, but after that I felt great – I had energy and mentally felt more sharp. As time passed I wasn’t hungry and was ok without the caffeine and after the 21 days I had lost about 15lbs. With respect to Margaux, I would highly recommend working with her, she is kind, gentle, smart and encouraging and she was instrumental to my success– she set expectations, followed up with me throughout and was a wonderful guide and mentor. I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel it has completely changed my perspective on healthy eating. T.S.
My experience with Dr. French has been transformative to my health. Before working with her, I was skeptical about homeopathy. When I met with her and she recommended a homeopathic remedy to address my symptoms, I was willing to give it a try. I was blown away from the results and benefited tremendously from taking my remedy. Within days I felt more energetic, my mood improved, as did my general sense of well being. Now, after years of experience with homeopathy, I know when I need to take my remedy. Usually I need it when I have a general sense of malaise- low energy, blah mood, headaches and bloating. Once I take my remedy, I may experience a more intense headache for a day or so, and then I bounce back to my chipper self- my headaches resolve, my digestion improves, and I feel on top of my game!

Another treatment that I participate in on an annual basis is a juice cleanse that Dr. French leads. This cleanse is perfect for the type of person who is an “all or nothing” type personality. It is intense and has intense results. It allows you to eliminate food cravings and bad eating habits relatively quickly. I love this detox because I get to re-set my diet so that I eat more healthfully and it doesn’t take long for great results. L.H.