A Natural Approach to Fertility

Naturopathic medicine has a lot to offer families who are trying to conceive.  Optimizing parents’ health in the months prior to conception can increase the chances of having a healthy pregnancy and child.  Creating the most favorable environment for a baby to grow and develop can have a positive lifelong impact on the child.  Optimally, preconception health care should begin a minimum of three to four months prior to the desired conception time, as this is how long it takes to grow optimal sperm and egg.

Dr. French’s approach to natural fertility and preconception care for couples is founded on the belief that a healthy body is a fertile body.   She focuses on improving her patients’ general health, identifying and removing possible obstacles to fertility, and ensuring proper hormonal balance.  Treatments are customized and depending on the individual’s requirements might include lab testing to identify any underlying obstacles to conception, nutritional counseling and supplementation, homeopathic and herbal treatments, craniosacral therapy, and lifestyle counseling.

Dr. French supports patients who seek to conceive naturally and those who want to increase the chances of success using Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Female Fertility Treatment Approach

Naturopathic care is able to address infertility associated with hormonal imbalances, PCOS, luteal phase defects, adrenal fatigue, endometriosis, advanced maternal age, and unexplained causes.

Goals of treatment include:

  • Reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being
  • Regulating hormone levels and proper ovulation
  • Optimizing ovarian function to allow for production of healthier eggs
  • Establishing proper hormonal balance
  • Increasing pregnancy rates in women with PCOS
  • Strengthening and balancing the immune system

Male Fertility Treatment Approach

Goals of treatment include:

  • Reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being
  • Increasing sperm count and motility
  • Increasing sperm function and DNA integrity
  • Improving sperm quality
  • Strengthening and balance the immune system

Naturopathic treatments for fertility support may include the following:

  •     Charting natural body rhythm for accurate timing of conception
  •     Minimizing toxic exposure in the home and workplace
  •     Detoxification programs
  •     Nutritional optimization
  •     Craniosacral Therapy
  •     Stress support
  •     Herbal Medicine
  •     Hydrotherapy
  •     Emotional, mental, and psychological support and counseling
  •     Exercise and lifestyle coaching