Learning From Dolphins…

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Learning From Dolphins…

As many of you know, during the last several years I have advanced my training in Craniosacral therapy and energy work. I am pleased to be incorporating more of this work into my practice in order to help people to shift physically, mentally, and emotionally on their journey to health and am having wonderful results combining bodywork treatments with classical homeopathic care.

At the end of last year I was lucky to be able to travel to the British Virgin Islands to swim with dolphins in a therapeutic setting that incorporated aquatic craniosacral therapy. It was a life changing experience. The group I went with is located out of Rollinsford, NH and is called Pure Fin. I recommend them highly.

My experience with the dolphins was transformative. Being able to directly interact with dolphins was something that I had wanted to do for many years and the opportunity to be part of this group finally allowed me the opportunity! I feel deeply changed from my time with the dolphins. They were incredibly generous with their attention and their desire to imprint on us a deep sense of unconditional love, joy, and playfulness.

This summer I will be offering aquatic bodywork sessions in the Seacoast area. This work is an extension of the craniosacral work that I do in my office. When the element of floating is added to the experience, it allows for a profound level of relaxation and weightlessness which facilitates the release of physical and emotional patterns as the body absorbs the flow that is inherent in the element of water.


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